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SEDT emphasizes on providing these women training and information on regular basis and make them more conscious and capable citizens. Experience of all these years has however shown that it would be more effective to work with girls at younger age as a strategy to deal with social bias evident in the project area.

By focusing on training of girls, the organization started a new practice of working with adolescent girls and of dealing with the problem at its formative stage. Till then, efforts were taken to educate illiterate women. The organization believes that investment in initiating a change process among young girls would earn better results in creating a base of aware and strong women. Of course, working with women is equally important.

Without a gender perspective, any community development initiative would be meaningless. But, any effort in the direction of awareness generation must begin with girls of tender age and fresh minds. It is easier to mould them, to inculcate positive attitudes in them as they are yet to develop and accept a rigid framework in which they place themselves as inferior.

Objectives in details

  • To increase awareness about health status, importance and practices.
  • Reduce malnutrition and anemia of all adolescents’ girls of selected villages
  • Adoption of better health practices (behavioral changes)
  • Awareness and practices for keeping home clean, and healthy practices like keeping drinking water non polluted, smokeless home, no open drainages in home etc.

Activity includes –

  • Health education Camp
  • Follow-up Weekly review meeting / training of the girls
  • Get together of girls
  • Monthly review meeting for all village level health workers
  • To set-up production unit of “Sanitary Napkins"

This project will be implemented in a cluster of 10 villages in the block, covering 800 girls in the age-group of 12 to 18 year. (all adolescent girls of the village) After experience in this we may replicate the same activity in other villages.

No. of Villages Total Households No.of Adolscent Girls
10 3698 835