Socio Economic Development Trust


Project Aim

Create a place where children will be encouraged to ask questions related to science, nature, mathematics and environment

When people do not have questions and when children do not ask any.... Then we must generate, encourage and accelerate the culture of asking questions...

The Small Science Centres are designed to create and atmosphere in which students, teachers can come and play, think, learn, watch, discuss, do various activities. Every exhibit, which will be displayed in the centre aims at triggering the curiosity.

This kind of Science Centre will be a cluster of Science Gadgets installed peranently or movable and meant for play way learning of science. Science centre is an innovative concept of teaching Science in an informal way. The basic concept of Science centre ebhancing the tendency of the children to play more than to read.

This centre is designed considering ready space availability of min. 1200 to 1500 sq. ft. or minimum three classroom of approx. size 22 x 25 sq. ft.

Experience in Developing Science centres

  • Under Manav Vikas Mision we established 32 Small Science centres
  • Under Tribal Development department, in first phase - 32 Small Science Centers
  • With the help of Rotery Club - 1 Small Science Center in Pune
  • Under Tribal Development department, in second phase - 25 Small Science Centers
  • With HCL Foundation - 4 Small Science Centers