Shree Sant Dnyaneshwar Vidyalaya - Kerwadi

Issue Identification

Majority of India still lives in villages and which makes the subject of rural education in India of utmost importance. From the several surveys conducted by educationists and scholars in the subject it has been revealed that, quality of education in the country is improving overall. But the pace of the improvement and disparity in quality of education imparted in rural and tribal area is a matter of concern. Some underlying indicators that are evident to reveal the reality are –

  • More than half of the students up to fifth grade are unable to read a second grade text book
  • Children up to class VII are not able to solve simple mathematical problems

Few identified reasons for this situation are –

  • Increasing number of single classroom to educate students from more than one grade
  • Poor attendance of teachers and distorted poor ratio of teacher student ratio
  • Lack of proper text books and learning material in the schools
  • Poor participation of guardians in school activities and child development

In all, schools in the rural and tribal areas are far behind than the concept of a good school. Very little has been done by the civil society and community based organizations to improve quality of education, than what it demands. There is a sheer need to establish quality centers and work on their scalability to overcome the problem.


  • Create a model to demonstrate delivery of quality education to children in country side.
  • Establish a school at SEDT, Kerwadi and strengthened the model with adequate educational facilities
  • Develop a sense of participation and ownership among guardians and community members
  • Address the bottlenecks faced by the conventional schools in rural areas by implementing effective and practically feasible methods for scaling up the project


SEDT established a model school at Kerwadi. It started with Class I in 2006, and today the school provides education till Class VII. SHREE SANT DNYANESHWAR VIDYALAYA is a unit dedicated to demonstrate good practices in delivery of education. The School aims to facilitate all

The salient features of SHREE SANT DNYANESHWAR VIDYALAY imparting education to 330 children are-

  • Separate classrooms (7) for each grade -
  • Computer Education Laboratory with 22 computers, Internet facility, Multimedia tools and digital library of academic subjects
  • Video-Projector in each class to facilitate interacting learning
  • 12 toilets and potable drinking water points
  • 4 scientific Labs with adequate scientific equipments
  • Library for children with educational books, extracurricular literature and educational models
  • School Bus to reach children in remote areas

Some activities meticulously conducted by the school staff (9) are-

  • Guardian meeting to share progress of the pupil.
  • Quarterly training program of teachers for skill enhancement
  • Timely interaction of teachers with the international educationists- Dorris and Poul of Scotland.
  • Debate competition, regular sports activities and discussion sessions to impart value based education
  • Celebration of National Days and festivals
  • Annual function