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High School Scholarship Holder

Two students from Shree Sant Dnyaneshwar Vidyalay are eligible for Highschool Scholarship. Arjun Kirade stood 5th in the district whereas Arati Yewale stood 11th in the district.

Arjun Kirade is from Dreamland, he is admitted before 2 years. He is sincere in his study and also participates in various competitive exams and getting prizes.


Clean Village Kolwadi

Village Kolwadi is one of our Education Key villages, where we are implementing RTTS, Balpanchayat, Judo and different activities under Education Key.

In the hot summer our field coordinator Ms. Sunita while discussing with youths and Balpanchayat representative thought to prepare village for rainy season. During rainy season whole rain water is on the road and at the same time waste water from each household is also on the road. It is very difficult to walk on the road especially the younger and the older one has more chances of slip and fall done.

While discussing, a youth said that most of the part of village is having proper constructed drainage which is filled with mud and garbage. Sunita motivated them and had small group meetings with villagers. Finally it was decided to dig all the mud and garbage from the drainage and make it clean. She gathered whole group and the youths, children and villagers cleaned whole village. Initially villagers were thinking that SEDT is getting some fund to clean drainage but afterwards they realize that this is just initiatives of SEDT with youths. Government officials who were negative about this village also changed their attitude.


Ron Vlaar and Cees Tompot visited village Kolwadi and other places

On 24th June 2015, the focus was on School Management Committee, Judo, and P4C. Morning team CEES Tompot, Ron Vlaar, Piter, Khalid, Yash, Suryakant Kulkarni and SEDT officials visited Village Kolwadi. District Collector Rahul Ranjan Mahiwal, Tahasildar Kiran Ambekar, Block Education Officer Ganraj Yarmal and many more officials from Palam block were present. Girls and women welcomed the guest and the programme started with welcome song by students. The team had interaction with School Management Committee.

SMC Meeting

SMC presented the type of work they have done for the village, SMC also presented their dream of digital school, for which both the school teacher are using personal lap top for children’s education.

School teachers have started dummy bank at school and also proper accounts of students in Bank. The total amount deposited in children’s account is around 24 thousand. In dummy bank children learn simple calculation and bank transactions.

The primary teacher Pandit, who attainted P4C training, demonstrated how he is using this method. It was interesting to see that children were interactive and was taking active participation in discussion.

P4C class

A group of women requested Collector for the proper approach road to the village. Women xpressed their concern about children, old people and ill person. Children face problem even while coming to school during rainy season due to bad roads. If old people and ill persons are there in village, it will be difficult for them to take for treatment to hospital.

At Anganwadi, the young one demonstrated judo. It was a mix group and children were enjoying. From this village parents, children and teachers of primary school are requesting for Judo for 1st and 2nd std.

Tumbling Judo

Ron had a discussion with youths and villagers. Youths were interested to know more about Ron and football.

After Kolwadi village, team visited to Abhinav Vidhya Vihar School, Purna where SEDT has installed small science centre.


In the evening Ron has spend time with Dreamland children. He interacted with children, He played football with them, and he demonstrated how to play

Cees Tompot and Ron Vlaar in field

23rd June was a busy day for the whole team. In the morning first half the team visited village Tambulgaon, which is around 15kms away from SEDT, Kerwadi. Two activities were planned in this village, they were meeting with “Reading to the smallest” parents and meeting with Adolescent girls. A week before there was a heavy rainfall in this area, which has completely damaged the village access road at one spot. SEDT decided to cancel this village for the guest visit. Adolescent girls and boys insisted not to cancel the visit due to road. They assured us that they will repair the particular part of road. Around 15 boys filled the pits with stones and prepared a working road so that vehicle can reach to their village.

Ron's Arrival

As soon as the Cees Tompot, Ron Vlaar, Suryakant Kulkarni, Yash Paranjape and team entered the Tambulgaon School, School teachers and student welcomed all with flowers. After brief introduction, team had meeting with around 25 young mothers who are regularly reading for their children.

Few mothers demonstrated the process how they are reading for their children. There was interactive session in which mothers said how they saw changes in their children in the process. Now children are asking question, their concentration is increased, they have started loving their books etc. Mothers said although they are reading for the children’s father is also taking interest in this activity.

Team also had interactive meeting with Adolescent girls where they presented the type of activities girls are doing at school and village levels.

Ron's Arrival

Girls said they all have decided that none of them will allow their parents to pay dowry during their marriage and they will not marry unless until their age is 18 yrs. Girls were very open and frank during discussion. When asked what problem do girls face? The immediate reply was the road to school is in very poor condition. Yash asked them road is not the hands of girls but what about village cleanliness. Can we separate dry and wet garbage? Girls assured that we will try and bring dustbin culture in each and every house of the village and will be disposed properly.

Ron's Arrival

Ron and Cees appreciated the initiative taken by the young boys. The next programme was to visit school at Palam where one of the government teachers Mr. Sanjay Patil, who attainted P4C training, demonstrated how he is using this method. It was interesting to see that children were interactive and was taking active participation in discussion.

After lunch, team visited a School and Discovery centre of SEDT. At school the team visited different classes, Balwadi and Computer centre.

Ron's Arrival

Everybody was anxious to know about the experiments and was handling exhibits at Discovery centre. Ron said this is not only useful to children, but even adults should visit this centre. Cees was checking the exhibits quality and working, because he was the one who really took initiative to support this project.

DC visit

Evening was again very interesting for whole team, the parents, the teacher and children of village Navha welcomed whole team to their village. Everybody was excited to see the guest. Children of Navha played Korfball, younger one demonstrated judo and School Balpanchayat presented their working.


Ron's Arrival in Dreamland SEDT

On 22nd June, Mr. Cees Tompot from YOJANA Projecthelp, Netherlands, Who is our partner and donor since 1983 arrived at Kerwadi along with Ron Peter Vlaar is a Dutch footballer who plays as a centre back. Ron is also a regular at centre back for the Netherlands national team. Ron has regularly been acknowledged as one of the best defenders at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Ron’s father Peter Vlaar and Ron’s friend Khalid Zerrou also accompanied Ron.

After a warm welcome, the guest and SEDT project manager has introductory meeting. We welcomed guest and a brief introduction was given about SEDT. Each Project Manager introduced themselves and presented brief about their respective projects. It was acknowledged that ten year before Ron Vlaar was the first donor to support our Discovery Centre which has become Landmark. There were only two Science centers in Maharashtra one in Mumbai and another in Nagpur, but ours was the first Science center in rural area. After that Government of Maharashtra has adopted the concept and now there are 64 centers established by SEDT.

Ron is an ambassador to YOJANA Projecthelp since last ten years and was very interesting to know the field realities at SEDT. He will be visiting villages for next two days to see the activities under Education key project. Ron’s father expressed that he is proud of his son, Mr. Cees Tompot and SEDT’s work.

Yash Paranjape, son of Mr. Shashank Paranjape who is our board member and also supporters in all respect also visited Kerwadi. Yash is an Architect and very interested in rural development.

Ron's Arrival

28th May Menstrual Hygiene day

The campaign started on 20th May, We selected 7 villages where we started conversation about menstruation with adolescent girls. Initially girls were not open to discuss or share information about menstruation, but later on in groups they discussed and prepared answers to 28 questions given to them. On 28th around 80 adolescent girls participated in the menstrual hygiene day awareness programme.

The programme started with a prayer with the candles in hand and the burning candles were arranged around the female anatomy drawn with the help of rangoli. This was done to break through silence or shame and to show the versatility and complexity of menstruation.

A small exhibition on Menstruation was organised in which

1. Display of different kinds of menstrual material was arranged on three tables. The benefit and loss of each material and the care to be taken was also written on the sheet.

2. Card sheet written with local words used for menstruation.

3. Skit about menstrual hygiene was presented by SEDT staff girls.

4. Fundamentals for menstruation was also displayed and discussed with girls

5. Poster on different phases of the menstrual cycle was displayed and discussed with girls.

6. Poster on menstrual hygiene was also displayed ad discussed with girls.

7. Girls were also shown different videos on menstrual cycle and hygiene.

8. Different games were also played with girls to create awareness.

At the end of programme girls prepared two songs and a skit on exhibition and menstrual hygiene

Menstrual Hygiene day

Training of Volunteers

Training of 17 volunteers conducted at Kerwadi on Computer Based Functional Literacy (CBFL). The CBFL software is designed and developed by Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. using Multimedia features which enables the illiterate to develope basic reading, writing skills. A volunteer can operate the computer and software easily, even without any prior computer training. Some of the volunteers have never handled computer but after the training all of them have operated the software easily. We have selected 2 villages from Palam block for this literacy program. Actual functioning of literacy classes will start very soon.

For this training Mr. Anthony Lobo and Mr. Vaibhav Waghmare were present as Resource persons from TCS.

Make your child a genius

Make your child a genius

3 days workshop at Kerwadi. Rishi Samskrithi Vidya Kendra's Jagdish Bhat had conducted 3 days workshop for students of class 7th to 9th. He taught about Maths basic things and how to remember the things. Guided about silence theory and make the mind empty. Also given tips about how to revise entire textbook in 5 minutes.

51 students of Shree Sant Dnyaneshwar Vidyalaya and Baliraja Vidyalaya were present for the workshop.

Mr. Bhat have also discussed with parents, that they should not force children to study.

Make your child a genius

Firodiya Karandak 2015

  • Well deserved karandak for VIT - Pani. Your efforts were , are and will always be very well awarded.
  • Fergusson - Vitha will always stay in each and every persons heart and memories.
  • MIT - Mishmi keep up the good work.
  • Thank you chief guest Sachin Pilgaonkar and Mahesh Kothari ji....
  • Congratulations to all the participants and winners for putting up a successful event.

Firodiya Karandak 2015

World Women's Day

On the occasion of World Women's Day, we have organised "Mahila Melawa" at WDC, Kerwadi. Around 200-250 women and adolescent girls were present. For this function Palam Panchayat Samiti Vice Sabhapati Mrs. Chitrakala Hattiambire, Gangakhed Panchayat Samiti Vice Sabhapati Mrs. Manjusha Jamage, Kerwadi Sarpanch Mrs. Nirmala Waghmare and Ladies Police were present. The guests guided about various women related govt. schemes. Lady Police have guided about various legal acts in case of domestic violence.

Some of the SHG representatives shared their experiences about their business. We have honored 8 SHGs for their successful running business.

World Womens Day