HIV AIDS link worker Scheme - Parbhani

Background of Scheme Implementation

Over 57% of the HIV positive persons in India are estimated to be living in rural areas. The fight against HIV/AIDS particularly in rural areas becomes more pronounced in view of stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV, resulting in poor access to health care, gender inequality and above all infections going undetected or treated by unqualified practitioners. The existing primary health care system has limited scope and capacity to deal with the sensitive issues like HIV, sexuality and drug use. Keeping this in mind, Link worker Scheme has been conceived for Building the capacity of the rural community in fighting with HIV.

The scheme envisages identifying and training, this village level workforce of Supervisors,Link Workers and volunteers on issues of HIV/AIDS, gender, sexuality, STIs and above all on mobilizing difficult-to-reach, especially vulnerable sub populations including high risk individuals, youth and women. Linking these marginalized sub populations to the public health services for STI, ICTC, ART and then their follow up


Reach out to HRGs and vulnerable men and women in rural areas with information, knowledge, skills on STI/HIV prevention and risk reduction.


  • Increasing the availability and use of condoms among HRGs and other vulnerable men and women.
  • Establishing referral and follow-up linkages for various services including treatment for STIs, testing and treatment for TB, ICTC/PPTCT services, HIV care and support services including ART.
  • Creating an enabling environment for PLHA and their families, reducing stigma and discrimination against them through interactions with existing community structures/groups, e.g. Village Health Committees (VHC), Self Help Groups (SHG) and Panchayati Raj Institutes (PRI).

As per this Socio Economic Development Corporation (Trust), Kerwadi run Link Worker scheme with collaboration and support by Department of AIDS control New Delhi (NACO) and state level Avert Society mumbai, KHPT-Pune now working with MAHARSHTRA STATE AIDS CONTROL SOCIETY(MSACS) MUMBAI in 100 Village of Parbhani district and covered 9 block. Selection of village based on population of village more than 5000, HRG, Migrant labor, truckers and their spouse residence at Village and also 2-3 People leaving with HIV/AIDS in Village this village are select for scheme implementation.

Activity of Project

  • Regular contact by Link worker to above mentioned population and communication on behavior change regarding risk identification HIV/STI,linkages to services as per need base.
  • Village level committee meetings such as SHG, Panchayat, SMC and stakeholders ASHA worker, AWW and health worker taking support for activity implementation, and creating awareness through by kalapathak, collage event, group meeting and advocacy meeting with govt. officials, and linkages services as per guideline.
  • For Village level support formation of volunteers group 1985 members, RRC group 1245 members and positive speakers in 100 village of LWS.
  • LWS staff day to day working with Civil hospital,Rural hospital and Primary health centre for linkages services to villagers and other social intaitalment support for coverage population.
  • Established condom depot for free distribution and easy accessibility of condoms 214 depot are available in village.
  • Working with People leaving with HIV/AIDS for follow-up of ART medicine,CD4 testing and other support and also child affected & infected HIV/AIDS. Working on to stop stigma& discrimination of PLHIV, reducing fear about HIV/AIDS.
  • Arranging health camp, HIV testing camp and STI screening camp at LWS implementing village with coordination with nearest ICTC centre & District Aids prevention control Unit Civil hospital.

Coverage of Population up to October 2014

FSW(Female Sex Worker)1194, MSM (239), Trucker(568), Migrant male (26768), Migrant women(4085), Spouse Of HRG(61), Spouse of Migrant (6147), other venerable population (7571) and PLHIV (535), orphan & venerable child (211) registered and taking benefit of scheme. Along with general population of village.

HIV testing HRG(FSW &MSM)-1343,Bridge population (Trucker, Migrant)-16555,Venarabale (Spouses of bridge population)-4927 along with screened Sexual transmitted Infection and treated. TB screened 455 and PLHIV linkages to other Govt. scheme and educational support.

RRC & volunteers training regular arranging and in house training for staff. Village level other activity participation. We are having 100 RRC group,12 adolescent girls group, 52 Village information centre at premises of Grampanchayat, PHC at village level established under LWS, space provided by Grampanchayat of respective village. All activity implementation with support and help form SEDT’s other project staff, local NGO, Govt. officials, and village level Committee’s