Discovery Science Center

Issue Identification

In India, where equality is fundamental right and Right to Education is a considered to be a key to development. The rural children are victim of severe disparity as far as educational resources, infrastructure, facilities and quality of service delivery is concerned.

The urban and economic centres are equipped with plenty of innovative and interactive education institutes and models for children. Whereas on other hand, the schools in rural areas face problems like inadequate basic resources including toilets, potable drinking water, classrooms, libraries and scientific laboratories at school.

Creativity, curiosity and enquiries of children remain unattended and ignored. Learning through experimenting and exploration is still a dream for children in rural and tribal belts of the country. Many children don’t even get a first hand opportunity to handle basic scientific and laboratories equipment till they attend their matriculation.

Isn’t then its unfair expecting, that our rural children will compete equally with the urban opportunists in the era of technology, information and skills. It is not that the rural children lag in intellect and capacities. It is the system that provides them very limited scope and opportunity to hone their talent.

Discovery Centre

We believe:

When people do not have questions and when children do not ask any, then we must generate, encourage and accelerate the culture of asking questions.

Confucius says:
"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. Discovery Center Center of Learning Science and Creativity"

The Discovery Center, a hub for learning science and creativity, where children are encouraged to ask questions related to science, nature and environment and to experiment.

Discovery Center is located at Kerwadi in Palam block of Parbhani district. It is a place to stimulate the curiosity among children and provide them an opportunity to find answers to their questions.

Discovery Center (DC) intends to develop a habit to enquire, attend curiosity in children and provide them a platform to experiment and learn with interactive scientific equipment, models, exhibits, structures and games.

Project Aim
  • Create a place where children will be encouraged to ask questions related to science, nature, mathematics and environment.
  • Develop a responsive education model to attain curiosity and enquiries of children and help them learn through experiments
  • Foster spirit of exploration, experimenting and make education meaningful, intersecting and gainful.
  • Develop a unique but scalable and replicable model to spread the philosophy
  • Identify and network with like-minded international educationist and partners to understand global best practices
  • Establish a Curiosity Center with adequate facilities and make it accessible to children
  • Network with schools in the block, district and adjoining districts in the region to reach to maximum children and extend it benefit

The project is been implemented over 8 years. It has received guidance from international partners –

Today, the Discover Center – DC is spread over the total land of 40,000 sq.ft., with a 28,000 sq.ft of constructed indoor area.

The indoor area is a place to attend the curiosity among children. It has different sections with plenty of education equipment.

  • Exhibitory Section: Exhibiting models related to physics, astrophysics, energy, water games, electricity, reflection and many others.
  • Gaming Section- Science related models and puzzle games, problem solving
  • Social Education Section- A section on social issue like gender equality, women empowerment.
  • Theatre Section – A Section where students can see the films, documentaries and videos on scientific and social development issues.
  • Mobile Planetarium- An inflatable dome sized model, where 40-50 children can sit inside at a time to observe universe, stars and learn astronomy.

There are more than 100 interactive exhibits at this center thus, making it a curiosity development Centre.

This all makes the Center different than any other laboratory and science center in the country. And that too in a rural area for rural children. This makes the Center unique and wonder in its own.

No. of Schools Networked More than 370
Total No. of students visited DC Aprox. 52340
Expected No. of students who shall visit DC every year 8000 to 12000

Today the Discovery Center is networked with approximately most of the Government schools of the district and adjoining districts. We help the schools in the rural places and semi-urban areas, organizing one day study tour to the Center. Children thus play, interact and experiment with the equipment and exhibits and find answers to their questions.

School Visits :
  • If your school's children wants to visit Discovery Science Center contact Mr. Vishnu Jadhav - 9922914110 or email at
  • Center is open on sunday also.
Schools Visited recently :
  • Secondery and Higher Secondery Vidyalaya, Tamasa
  • Indira Gandhi Highschool, Jawala Bajar
  • Vivekanand Highschool, Hadgaon
  • BHEL English School, Parali Vaijanath
  • Kalpana Chawala English School, Parbhani
  • Narsinh Vidyalaya, lohgaon
  • Nalanda English School
  • Holy City Public School, Nanded
  • Nagarjuna English School, Nanded
  • Rajarshi Shahu Vidyalay, Nanded