Child Help Line

Issue Identification

In India many a times children fall victim to child abuse, child labor and several other problems due to lack of availability of relief and support mechanism. This is mainly due to lack of information among people about appropriate mode to help children in distress. A failure to notice such problems and provide immediate relief aggregates the situation and children fall victim to social evils.

We often see lost children at railway station, child labor exploited for business purpose in urban areas and children compelled to beg at traffic signals. Such scenarios are not new to people residing in cities and metros.

These deserted children require attention of the society. Our simple and resolute action can save children from the misery.

Project – Child Help Line

  • Address problem of children overcoming the geographical barriers and support children in distress
  • Prevention of sexual and child abuse of children
  • Partner with the Government initiative – Child Help Line
  • Register the enquires, problems and complaints of children and provide them immediate relief and further assistance to resolve their problems

About The Project

Ministry of Women and Child Development is an umbrella organization to support and monitor services across India, also serve as a link between the ministry and various NGOs working on field. With the support of the Nodal Agency- Child Line Foundation, India implements the project in Parbhani district of the state. It is India's first 24-hour, toll free, phone outreach service for children

In June 2012 SEDT started a Child Help Line which support children in distress and address the issue of child abuse and prevent child from any mishap. It ensures that every child that calls for support is attended and necessary support and precaution is taken care of to protect the child.

The Help Line operates 24X7 at Parbhani. A dedicated team of 12 members is deployed to ensure the continuous support. The complaints, enquires and problems and registered over telephone calls and with all due diligence, it is ensured that we help the child and provide immediate relief and counseling. Further legal and technical assistance is catered to the victim child and required follow up is maintained.

In the last two and half years, we have received 300+ cases of missing children, child marriage, child labor, sexual abuse etc.